Friday, July 3, 2009

Words of Wisdom

I found these rules to be good perspective on completing tasks:

"Rules of Rock Climbing offered by veteran rock climber, Matthew Childs, to offer you much wisdom. As it turns out, they’re basically rules for life.
* Don’t let go (give up). Hang in there, and you’ll come up with solutions.
* Hesitation is bad. Momentum is good—don’t stop.
* Have a plan at all times. Don’t just plan for the hardest parts.
* Know how to rest. Regroup, calm yourself, focus and keep going.
* Fear Sucks. It keeps you focused on the consequences of failing what you’re doing, instead of on the accomplishment of what you’re doing.
* Opposites are a good thing. Don’t always follow the most obvious solution or path.
* Strength does not equal success. Sometimes flexibility does or something else.
* Know how to let go. Don’t hang on until the bitter end."
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