Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun Facts to Impress The Kids About Bugs

I think these facts would interest adults as well as kids. (I found these in Parents magazine June 2009). Also, there are some insects that make for some unusual pets listed below. I was thinking about getting the hissing cockroaches for my classroom...

Ladybugs: Wings beat 85 times per second. Ladybugs have organs in their feet to help them smell.

Stinkbug: Spray foul smelling substance in self-defense

Whirligig beetle: lives in rivers and streams and has divided eyes that allow it to see above and below the surface at the same time

Water spiders: spend their entire lives under water in an air bubble they’ve spun from silk
Borneo Walking Sticks: Can grow more than 22 inches long!

Isopods (pill bugs or roly-poly-bugs): roll up into balls when disturbed.

Ants: can lift up to 50x and drag up to 30x their weight. And their brains are the largest in the animal kingdom, in proportion to the size of their body. (That gives us humans a run for our money).

Hercules beetle: can carry 850 times its own body weight, making it the world’s strongest creature!

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Phasmids: stick insects eat fresh leaves and need a spray of water every day.

Ants: Fascination AntWorks at uses nontoxic blue gel to that ants don't need additional food or water.

Crickets: Adult males sing and can be kept in a ventilated aquarium, and will eat lettuce and oatmeal.

Madagascar hissing cockroach: can't bite or hurt you. Keep it in a tank with a heating pad underneath and feed it fresh veggies, fruit, and dog food.

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