Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Trips and Keeping Up on Writing

Are you taking a trip this summer? Here are some (more) things you can do (from Stowell Learning Center) to help keep your learning skills over the summer:

Not taking a trip? Pretend. Plan a trip; imagine what it would be like. In many ways, an imaginary trip might be even more fun - you can see all kinds of different things!

  • Keep a daily journal. Write down things that you thought were fun, different, or interesting. At the end of the week, choose one entry to read to your family.
  • Tell or write two facts and two opinions about something you saw.
  • Compare a city you have traveled through to your home city. How are they the same? How are they different?
  • Draw some of the road signs you have seen. Write or tell what you think they mean.
  •  Get a book that is local to where you are traveling. Listen to or read the story as a family. Make pictures in your mind. Discuss the story. (On our vacation through Yellowstone last summer, we read a story about an ancient Indian boy living in the Yellowstone area. Traveling through the area helped the story come alive and was a great way to pass the miles).
  • Think about something you saw on your trip. Picture it in your mind. Describe it without telling what it is. Have other family members guess what you were thinking of.
  • Read menus! Collect menus from restaurants that will allow you to keep one. As you read different menus, you will get used to how some of the common words look. Make up your own menu to play with.
  • With the help of Mom or Dad, create an itinerary for each day. Read the day's plans to the family

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