Thursday, July 10, 2014

Studying with Sidewalk Chalk-FUN!

I used this concept from Stowell Learning Center with my 7th grade students to prepare their vocabulary presentations to the class.  The students had a higher average of complete detail and understanding of their project. Many students said the concept map really helped them prepare their presentation project and made it easier.  

White Board or Sidewalk Chalk Can Make Test Study More Fun and Effective 
Use a large white board and colored markers or the sidewalk or patio and sidewalk chalk.
As the student goes through her study guide or notes, she should pull out the key concepts, events, or ideas. Using one or two words, write each key idea on the board or on the sidewalk and draw a circle around it.
As the student continues to go through her notes/study guide, she should be looking for dates, vocabulary, events, people, or ideas that relate to the various key ideas and connect them to the key idea they relate to by drawing a line out from the circle.
This activity helps the student to think about and organize the information. While it's important to memorize certain dates and names for tests, understanding and working with the information is generally far more effective for studying and test-taking than trying to just memorize everything by rote.
Having the student orally explain the diagram she created on the board or sidewalk will greatly enhance retention of the information.
Using different colors and working with a study partner to build the diagram will make it more fun and will also improve retention.


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