Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Prep

Every year I read and look at pictures and articles on having a stress free Thanksgiving. This year I made 3 frozen meals in advance so I can put them in the oven the day of the big event. I made two crafts looking at pinterest. When I say crafts, I refer to things that require no more than 3 items and I think a toddler can do it. :) I always clean the bathrooms, floors, and towels every Sunday, so I have been touching up today and saved a few touch ups for tomorrow. I cannot touch up all in one night like most articles would suggest; my living room cannot survive 10 minutes of cleanliness with 3 little kids age 5 and under. So tomorrow will be floor and bathroom touch ups again, right before the guests come so it can smell clean just in time for guests to arrive. My goal is to be as lazy as possible on the big day. 

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