Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Homework help for Slow or Struggling Readers

Here are some great tips to help your struggling reader. You can sign-up for homework tips through Stowell Learning Center too.

Helping Slow or Struggling Readers Get Through a Textbook Chapter

Textbook chapters are typically divided into fairly short sections designated with a sub-heading. The student's job will be to start reading at the beginning of each section.

As soon as he gets tired, he is allowed to stop and the parent takes over until the end of the section.

Even if the student reads only one sentence, the expectation will be that he can read the text and will start reading again after each subheading. Knowing that he can stop when he's tired reduces the pressure.

Over time, as his reading or confidence improves, he will gradually tackle more reading on his own.

As your child does begin to read more of the section on his own, be sure to validate him for putting out the extra effort and the reading stamina he is building.

If he doesn't, on his own, begin increasing the amount he is reading, but you really believe that he can handle more, you might start gradually increasing the expectation.

For example, you might change the rule so that the student begins reading at each subheading and has to read at least 2 full sentences (or one sentence more than he is typically doing) before he can say he's ready for the parent take over.

An added tip for comprehension: After reading each section, stop and talk about it a little bit to solidify the key ideas.

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