Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mommy Instinct

As a mom, I have learned a lot about “mommy instinct.” However, as a new mom, I sometimes feel like I need to resort to a book instead of trusting my instincts. And most of the time, my intuition was correct the first time. So I’m getting better at letting go of my analytical side and learning to go with my first instinct. I’m still not 100% confident in my mommy instinct, but I am getting better. Here is the article I am referring to:

“Intuition is not some special power that other people have. Everyone is intuitive, including you—much more than you’ve ever been told. Especially during times of change, you can count on this gift of inner wisdom to give you the right answer.

We’re so quick to follow the advice of friends, family, doctors and other people whom we imagine are more knowledgeable, more powerful or more charismatic than we are. But you’re the only one who truly knows what’s right for you. Whenever you feel an uncomfortable nudge in a direction other than the one you’re following, listen to it. Your intuition is letting you know something is wrong. Just the opposite, a deep inner peace means everything is okay.

Your feelings or intuitions won’t always match up with what you’re thinking or what you want to believe, but they’ll always tell you the truth.”
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