Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sleep for Baby & Mommy?

I'm reading "Your Baby's First Year," by the American Academy Of Pediatrics and I'm re-reading the part of "sleeping" in the chapter regarding 1-3 month olds. It says that babies should be sleeping though the night by month 3. I'm in month 3 and find 5 hours of sleep at night a blessing. I am also considered the lucky mom in my mommy group. There are two other babies a few weeks younger than my son and they are not sleeping as long as my son. I think to myself, "I'm so lucky." When I talk to other moms I run into, they also want to know what magical formula my son eats that allows him to sleep so well. Then I read the book again and it seems my son should be sleeping longer. This is where I find myself saying, "what am I doing wrong?" This is what I call the "mommy trap." Moms can be so hard on themselves. I decided that I'll stick with my five hours and hope that my sons sleeps a little longer when I go back to work.

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Tricia Asbra said...

Just to let you know... sleeping "through the night" is 6 hours. And, 6 months is more realistic than 3, although some babies do sleep that long by then. Don't worry, you're doing great!