Monday, August 18, 2008

Bathing Suit

Since having my son, my bust size has increased dramatically. In fact, for some of my friends who haven't seen me since the baby has been born, it's the first words out of their mouth, "wow, you're huge." I have almost lost all the baby weight, but some things still don't fit the same size due to my new large bust size. So I am going to Glen Ivy with some friends to relax and have some adult time. The bottoms to my swim suits fit fine, it's the tops that don't. So I went to Target and Kohls to buy a bathing suit top. I figure it's the end of the swim season, suits will be on clearance, and I'll be able to use the bathing suit top for the next baby, it's a win win. At both stores, neither one has swim suit tops, but they have lots of bikini bottoms left. I did find one top at Target, but the large meant that not only did it fit my new busty size, but it was also meant for someone with a larger rib cage. I do want to remind everyone that it is mid-August and in CA, we have until October to enjoy our summer sun, so where are the other bathing suits? My husband suggested Motherhood Maternity for a bathing suit. So we went there, found a suit that works well for my top half, and now I am ready for my trip to Glen Ivy. This is the beginning of many adventures to come being a new mother.

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