Friday, May 23, 2014

Graph paper to the Rescue for Learning Math

Graph paper to the Rescue for Learning Math

For some students, math is a BREEZE!  They just seem to "get it."  (Others struggle until you put a $ next to the numbers and then they seem to get it.)
But for some kids, it is a constant struggle.
There are many reasons for math struggles.
Below, I'll share with you a simple technique that will help students get their numbers organized on the page.  While it won't solve every math difficulty, it will at least give you a "fighting chance" to get the answer correct. A helpful tip for Stowell Learning Center.
Graph Paper to the Rescue!

Many students struggle with math because they simply don't understand or can't manage the organization of the numbers on the page.

In math calculations, there is a very specific place where each number belongs in a problem.  When numbers get shifted to the wrong column, errors and confusion occur.

When numbers are in the wrong column or wrong place in a problem, the problem must be redone.

If you're frequently the bearer of this bad news, you know how frustrated and angry a child can get when he has to constantly "re-do" a problem he feels he already completed.

Graph paper provides a simple solution.  It comes in all different sized squares to accommodate a student's graphomotor (writing) needs and maturity. 

Teach your child how to put one number in each square and help him notice how the numbers all line up.  Graph paper can turn a math disaster into an organized, easy-to-look-at, and more correct math paper.


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