Tuesday, April 1, 2014

improve spelling test

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For most elementary  school students, spelling tests happen every week.  Often this is a very discouraging "exercise in frustration."  

Because many times spelling is the clue that there are auditory processing issues.   Auditory processing skills can be trained through special programs that are far more than just "drilling" spelling words.
Until  those issues can be eliminated, below you'll find a technique that will help any student who has to study spelling words.  It won't fix auditory processing difficulties, but it will help to get through this week's spelling test.
Here's to having the best school year ever,

Jill Stowell

Homework Tip
Homework Problem: 
Studying Spelling Words (Part 1)  
There are several strategies for studying spelling words.  
Many students have difficulty remembering spelling words.  Here is one easy, practical approach to studying for spelling words.
Homework Solution: 
Impress Spelling

Impress Spelling Technique -  
  1. Write each of your child's spelling words on an index card in large print.
  2. Have your child trace each word using a thick crayon, pressing firmly as she writes each letter.  
  3. Have her put down the crayon and trace over the letters with her finger as you say them together. 
  4. Have her "take a picture" in her mind of the card so that she can look up and still see the letters. 
  5. Have your child trace over the visualized word, saying each letter as she traces it. 
  6. Play with the word - ask: What color are the letters? What is the first letter?  What is the last? 
  7. Have her spell the word from her visualized image, pointing to each letter as she says it. 
  8. Move the visualized image back to the paper and write the word exactly as she remembered it.
This technique uses the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic channels to anchor the word and it's spelling.  This technique sometimes seems to parents that it will take longer.  Getting prepped may be a bit longer, but this system is very effective at getting those words "down cold" in about the same amount of time most students spend studying.

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