Saturday, January 18, 2014

Can't Think of Anything To Write?

 Struggling with ideas on writing assignments. Here are some tips from Stowell Learning Center. Sign-up for your own homework tips on Stowell's webpage.

How often does a short writing assignment turn into hours or days of sitting in front of a blank piece of paper?
Please know that you, and your child, are not alone! Professional writers sometimes have this very same thing happen to them.
Below you'll find a three-step process for getting ANY writing assignment started. Making this a part of every writing assignment will make ALL writing easier.
This is REALLY get a tool that will change writing assignments forever!

Here's to having the best school year ever,

Can't Think of Anything to Write About

"I can't think of anything to write about!" whines Casey as he sits staring off into space hoping for inspiration to hit. And the 20-minute writing assignment just became an hour.

Even though teachers usually give some kind of a prompt or topic for students to write about, the minutes tick away for many students as they are "blank" about what to write.

Here are a couple of very simple strategies that will help:

1. It is easier to answer a question than to just write from scratch, so turn the topic into a question. For example:
2. Visualize the answer to the question you asked. List three to five things that you pictured. These become your details. For example:
3. Use words from the question to write your topic sentence. For example:
Many students find they have lots to say once they get started with writing. It's that initial getting started that's so challenging. Using these three steps will give students a structure to "jump start" the process.

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