Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The middle-of-the-night survival kit

The middle-of-the-night survival kit (By Laura Flynn McCarthy, Parenting.com

My husband and I make sure we have several stockpiles: one in our baby backpack, one set for each grandparents house since we visit them both often, and one set at home.

A little preparation can go a long way toward making those 2 A.M. sick calls easier. Some things to have on hand:

In the medicine chest...

* Pain and fever relievers. Stock both children's ibuprofen and children's acetaminophen (or the infant formulations for kids under 2) and jot down the correct dose for each approved by your doctor.
* A children's antihistamine and cortisone cream (with doctor-approved instructions)
* Saline nose drops or spray
* Nasal aspirator
* Medicine dropper
* Prescription pain-relief eardrops (if your child is prone to infections)
* Petroleum jelly
* Digital thermometer

The middle-of-the-night survival kit

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