Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cookbooks I Use or Have Heard Great Things About

I thought I compile a list of cookbooks for other quasi cooks (like me) with little time, money, and/or children running around their home.

Cookbooks I own & use:
"The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue" by Missy Chase Lapine
This book has taught me to be creative with all my cooking as far as adding pureed foods. I love the pancake recipes and the tater tots. I now put purees in mac n cheese and spaghetti and other recipes to make it that more healthier.

"Kraft Kitchens Dinner on Hand"
I love how this book has a chart where you can choose different meat or veggie ideas for each recipe depending on what you have in the cupboard. "Man n Cheese Pizza is delicious- your kids will love it!"

"5 ingredients or less - most in under 20 minutes. Over 300 recipes from home" economic teachers
Easy and yummy recipes. I love "Carol's Chicken" & "Easy Tuna Noodle Casserole." There is also a "Holidays & Parties," book which is use for special occasions. I used a St. Patrick's punch for my baby shower, since one of my baby colors was green.

"Meals in Minutes" by Gooseberry Patch
I love the "Beefy Mushroom Soup" and "Easy Potato Casserole. Many of the recipes are easy and yummy, but sometimes I have to adjust the time on the oven or the amount of certain ingredients."

"The Busy Family Cookbook" by Taste of Home
I love the variety of yummy and easy meals. Haven't made anything yet that doesn't work. Recommend Spicy Flank Steak. I also like the St. Patty "Quicker Bioled Dinner."

"5 ingredient, 15 minute cookbook" by Cooking Light
Very simple and yummy recipes with meat and fish. My husband loves "Pork Chops with Peach Mustard Sauce."

"Hungry Girl" by Lisa Lillien (the jury is still out on this book, but she has great alternatives for ingredients to make very healthy meals).
The Spinach & Artichoke Dip was a success on a vacation trip.

Cookbooks that are on my wishlist/looking into:
Family Feasts for $75 a Week: A Penny-wise Mom Shares Her Recipe for Cutting Hundreds from Your Monthly Food Bill

The Food Allergy Mama's Baking Book by Kelli Rudnicki
Dozens of delicious dairy-, egg-, and nut free recipes. "Those ingredients aren't as critical to moist, delicious oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies as we thought." (
Parenting.com, March 2010)

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: She came out with a a recipe book (featured on Good Morning America): Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl (check out her blog as well)

Cookus Interruptus
Haven't tried the recipes yet but they look simple, easy, and healthy. The site is devoted to environmentally friendly cooking.

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Gooseberry Patch said...

Thanks for including us in your list...we're so glad you're enjoying our book. If any of your readers would like more information, it can be found at this address:


It's even on sale this week!

Thanks again.