Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dog Owners – Watch Cesar Millan

When John and I went for walks at night, pre-baby, we would always pass by this mid size dog called Lou. She was black and beautiful and loved Copper, our dog. We could tell this young active dog did not get out much so we took the number from the tag and contacted the owner to offer to walk our dogs together. Needless to say, a stranger calling another person to walk their dog probably didn’t make the owner feel comfortable. But his response to our request was what I hear from many people with large pets. “We have a big yard for her to run and play in.” If I had taken the call I might have responded, “Does you see your dog taking itself for walks in your yard?” A large yard does not equal exercise. I know people who have large homes and I don’t see them running around in it every night for exercise. Exercise is time away from the home for a dog. And many behavioral problems will go away with regular exercise. Sadly, Lou disappeared. When my husband inquired about the dog to the owner, the owner said she was stolen. Um, I don’t think so. She probably got out and had a great run since she was on her first walk in a long time. Sadly, we never saw any postings for a "lost dog" from the owner.

After watching dogs pull their owners on walks and seeing “hyper” dogs in pounds or for sale, I’m getting a little frustrated with the lack of responsibility dog owners are taking with their pets. Please walk your dog and have some discipline with your dog. Dogs should not be pulling you and your dog should be getting out for walks several times a week. That is the responsibility of a dog owner.

Here is a statement from Cesar Millan:
So what goes through my mind is, "what do I need to do to help this dog achieve a calm-submissive state?" For the most part, the dog is not lacking affection. These owners love their dogs very much - that's why they went through the trouble to send in an audition tape. Usually, it's exercise or discipline that is missing. In what order? It depends. If I'm dealing with an aggressive or territorial case, the dog needs discipline. If I'm dealing with a hyper or nervous dog, it's exercise. Exercise builds self-esteem and creates trust. Psychological challenges create respect.

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Anastasia said...

people like that really should watch ceasar milan. a backyard for a dog is like a fish bowl and dogs are meant to "travel" or go out for walks/runs. it's basically like when a person is couped up inside all day for ten hours and needs to get out. i think a lot of people just want to get a dog for the sake of having one, without realizing (or they just ignore) that dogs come with a lot of responsibilites (including getting "real" exercise on a regular basis). i'd like to see a person try to run around in a small confined space and see how exciting it is to do it in a confied space or how they would feel afterwards. my dog hates getting wet, but she's willing to put up with walking in the rain for me. :)