Sunday, April 19, 2009

Teachers vs Moms in Parenting Magazine

I'm a little behind in my reading since being a new mom and full time school teacher. I was reading your September 2008 issue and there was a small poll on page 55 asking who had it harder, teachers or moms. I was disappointed that so many moms felt that teachers have it easier and stop worrying about their students when they go home. Being a teacher and a mom I can say this is very untrue. Many teachers work past their contract hours to prepare for their students the next day. Teachers take home papers to grade, write-up lessons on their computers at home, create posters and worksheets, buy supplies at the store on their time off, and some teachers even make phone calls home in the evening to accommodate parent's work schedules. I know many jobs allow parents to go home and leave their work behind, but the majority of teachers do not have the same luxury.


Michelle said...

AMEN to that!!!!! :)

David said...

You are so right. A teacher’s job doesn’t end at 3pm when the kids go home. Some teachers even use their own money to supplement their classroom budgets. When will our society start to recognize and appreciate our teachers for all they do?