Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who Likes Cafeteria Food?

An article titled "Hamburglars Watch Out" explains that "last year in Fairfax County Virginia, a school cafeteria lost 1.2million dollars in prepared food to student theft. The district installed a 60,000 video surveillance system to monitor lines at a half-dozen secondary schools, sending a clear message to would-be thieves: Leggo." My husbands school has a security system that doesn't work becasue the company went bankrupt. That's what happens when the district goes with the cheapest bid. Maybe when other schools look at their budget, they should invest in a relaible security system, before cutting classroom spending. It would seem that it would save districts more money in the long and short run.

Did you know? (NEA Today March/April 2009)
8.3 billion dollars is the amount of money that the US Dept of Agriculture spends to provide free and reduced-price lunch to students annually.
30,600,000 is the number of students who receive free and reduced-price lunch in the country annually.

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